21 Mar

I have seen that a lot of people are talking about using I use a program you can download for free call CRONoMeter. It is obviously intended for people who practice calorie restriction and even though I have thought about it (not there at all), I really like to have a balanced diet of 40-30-30 carbs-proteins-fats and this program gives you great analysis of your daily intake with pie charts and such and tracks vitamin, minerals – everything. And the program lets you put in customized foods. It shows up as a cute little icon too!


One Response to “CRONoMeter”

  1. Layla February 18, 2009 at 9:23 pm #

    I’ve used it too & LOVED it!! – Then had to reload the PC and all my files were lost! hmm..

    am wondering whether to use it again, &/or backup on Fitday or such.. Much prefer Cronometer otherwise, it’s mostly much easier to use!!

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