Allow me to indulge you as I have indulged myself

4 Apr

I have just eaten my way through the some of the best meals of my life today.
It began with delicious sushi for lunch, not fancy, but spicy salmon rolls are my favorite and that is indeed what I had.
Next up, I went to Red Bamboo, a famously delicious Vegan Soul food restaurant on W. 4th St. I shared veggie ribs and a veggie chicken sandwich along with a delicious Indian Roti appetizer. Sharing is the best because the more different taste sensations are so much more satisfying than lots of food.
Next, I ventured to the new Whole Foods Market on Houston. This place is a castle.. fresh, aesthetically gorgeous, epic epic epic- this is not how grocery stores should look, but that is how this one is. Organic walls and paint included. They sell hemp shoes and baby clothes made out of organic cotton… oh and the samples, the sample.


Finally, I hit up Sugar, a new 24 hour, free wi-fi cafe on Houston with delicious desserts, pastas and sandwiches. Free wi-fi has become a rarity for some reason so this place is a triple threat additionally having great food and being open ’round the clock. I had yogurt and cherry gelato mixed with with tiramisu gelato. The cherry went off like bombs in my mouth and the yogurt flavor was bitter contrasting with the sweetness of the tiramisu and the cherries. This is no binge, this is conscious, mindful eating. I am pleased that I can allow myself this treat, without the guilt that normally comes with overeating/eating desserts. It is here that I remain, tummy full, satiated mind, satiated soul.


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