Master Cleanse: Day #2

25 Apr

So Day #2 has been easy as well. I am stunned at how simple this cleanse is. I look a bit skinnier which is always nice. I went to the gym today, worked out more than I wanted to burning aboug 500 calories (I should be taking it easy I feel). Anyways I got the chance to weigh myself and I have lost a pound-not too interesting, but after all its only been two days.
What is surprising me is how few calories I am drinking. My body isn’t hungry or asking for more either. Is this a type of starvation mode? What is going on – anyone have any good conclusions?

Today I have drank about 5 glasses of the lemonade (500 calories) and plan to drink one more later in the evening. 600 calories a day-that’s crazy! But six glasses is fine according to the Master Cleanse book (though the minimum). Yesterday I only drank about 4 glasses. Well no point to drink the lemonade when I’m not hungry so I will just continue listening to my body.

I almost forgot to mention this morning. Finally, the herbal laxative tea and the salt water flush kicked in. I was definitely Flushed. As recommended by others I would say to any other master cleansers out there-give yourself a full hour to relax in bed, whatever (stay by a bathroom) before you leave the house in the morning. For me the problem was two-fold, first you just suddenly feel the need to go to the bathroom, and its a Strong need, you feel like if you don’t find a bathroom within 2 minutes you will explode. Secondly, I felt lots of cramping that was soothed by just relaxing in bed, I would hate to be at work or walking on the street and have to deal with any of this.

But I have to emphasize-I’m not craving food at all! I usually eat very well and exercise, but still for the few calories i’m eating I can hardly believe it. I wonder if i will even lose weight with the cleanse. The book says that most people lose 2lbs a day (this of course depends on the weight they started with). I began at 135lbs, I figure I will lose about four pounds for water weight, but it would be miraculous if I lose anymore-I’m just not feeling it. Wouldn’t it be amazing if I weighed 125 afterwards, that’d be insane! Additionally, I am starting to formulate my after-cleanse diet plan. I think I will do an extremely slow progression into food. This plan combines the suggested after-cleanse diet plan (for vegetarians) with my wish of incorporating raw food into my diet.
I am thinking…

Days #1-14 Master Cleanse
Day #15-16 fresh OJ (diluted)
Day #17-18 Fresh veggie and fruit juice (mostly green juice however)
Day #19-21 Raw Food Diet
Day #22-> Healthy Livin’

So this is my three week diet plan. I hope that I’m not overestimating my will-power here, but I think a plan will be helpful to guide me along. I think that I should lose about 2 lbs a week with this diet, 129lbs well that’d be lovely. But but but I must make it clear I do not care about the weight. This blog is called Do The Jane Fonda for a reason! It’s all about the waist. I’d love to lose a solid inch! I began at 29″ inch waist so lets hope for 28″ or better yet 27.5″ I don’t know quickly you can lose inches though, I think it must be a longer process, but lets hope!


Wow three weeks. Does this sound crazy or what but I can’t imagine not drinking for that long! Not a wino or alci, its just that so much of my social life revolves around bars.


3 Responses to “Master Cleanse: Day #2”

  1. avocadogirl April 25, 2007 at 4:04 am #

    Wow!!! You go girl!!

    The plan all seems pretty straight forward, but I recommend taking it easy with your workouts on the days when there is a slight change in the diet. Just to allow your body to adjust and rest. Allowing it to focus on the digestive system and not having to worry about exertion and pumping blood round at a faster pace.

    Weigh yourself weekly rather than daily – you know it can get a little obsessive for us girls (boys too).

    Be proud of what you are doing. You will be one hottie on the beach this year.

  2. dothejanefonda April 25, 2007 at 11:19 am #

    That’s very smart you’re right. I’ve been wanting to do bikram yoga classes during this cleanse too, but I wanted wait until my body has “stabalized.” I think weighing yourself everyday is kinda silly, I agree (because of fluxuations) but I’m just so excited!

  3. ameliabedelia April 26, 2007 at 1:19 am #

    I hear you on the waist thing, I am an apple shape and I haaaate it. That’s one of the only things I can say frustrates me losing weight – I always lose from my hips first. People don’t understand how frustrating that is, but I like to track my waist to hip ratio, and I’m almost sure that it will actually go UP after my first weigh-in/measurement taking, because I will have lost proportionately more from my hips than my waist.

    Anyway, I think you’re doing great (and the no hunger thing is a little Twilight Zone-ish, isn’t it?) Keep up the good work!

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