Master Cleanse: Day #4

27 Apr

I just lit a small tea candle and am relaxing in bed. I just worked out a tiny bit and sat in the sauna. Ah…..


So, today there was a struggle. I was surrounded by food all afternoon. I had a special class meeting today where we were given a free pass to the dining hall (buffet, a pretty good one too) so everyone else loaded up. I was crAVing vegetables and was just imagining the huge salad I could have made for myself. Also, I had an early dinner with my dad who sat oohing and aahing about how delicious his falafel sandwich was. Falafel is my favorite food, ever. I got home and was about to dig into a salad, when my willpower prevailed. I stopped myself and ran for computer where I sit now and am feeling fine and confident again.

This! is why blogging is great. It makes you accountable and gives you support. Thank you for everyone who has commented here, because I don’t think I would have felt such accountability or support if I didn’t know people were reading and interacting. So thanks!

I felt slightly dizzy today. I haven’t been drinking much of the lemonade at all. I’ve had 4-5 glasses a day Day#1-3, which is very low. I am drinking my sixth glass of today now, and I feel much, much better. All day I was imagining doing just this; curling into bed, lighting candles and calm. I don’t know if it was just me feeling dizzy, but this cleanse makes you very very relaxed. I’ve been feeling a strong sense of “calm” since I started. I think it is a mix of pride and pleasure-and it’s feeling great, especially now after I’ve conquered my first big hurdle! (I weighed in at 131lbs today-all that water weight I suppose but I’m down 4lbs)

I was wondering about how much weight I will lose on the cleanse.
I found this on
“The informal survey of 141 Master Cleansers mentioned earlier discovered that the average woman completing the Master Cleanse lost about 12 pounds and regained about 6. The average man lost about 16 pounds and also regained about 6. Interestingly, most people reported they ate a healthier diet after completing the cleanse.”

C’est moi, bon soir..



2 Responses to “Master Cleanse: Day #4”

  1. metamorphose April 27, 2007 at 4:24 pm #

    Interesting about the weight loss on average. I have heard that our bodies usually carry around 8 pounds of waste with us at all times. So it makes sense.

    Way to go with the willpower!

  2. avocadogirl April 27, 2007 at 11:54 pm #

    we are all here to support you – but you are strong!

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