Beautiful is getting Creepy

30 Apr

Check out the new Calvin Klein undewear adds with Natalia Vodianova. It looks like kiddie-porn, for real. What’s going on, is this what people thing is beautiful nowadays? She is a beautiful women, but in this video she looks like she’s fourteen years old!


On the flip side check out this vide from Dove’s campaign for real beauty. It shows the making of an ad from an un-madeup model to photoshopping. It is crazy that all of this effort goes into making the people in ads look PERfect, because that’s what the media has created and society now demands. Dove is definitely doing something right by the way.


p.s. Could anyone explain to me how to set up links? Thanks!


One Response to “Beautiful is getting Creepy”

  1. cpexplosion April 30, 2007 at 1:56 am #

    I doubt many men would mistake her for a 14 year old. Child porn can be a very tough thing to define, but I’m sure this video doesn’t even come close.


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