Keeping it Fresh

2 May

So today was very satisfying food-wise. I brought a salad prepared at home to work, very simple with lemon/balsamic vinegar dressing (very low in calories) and some great pecorino cheese. It tasted so great, and really is so low in calories. I find I really like to buy sharp or strong tasting cheese, so I need to use less to get the great taste. I just prepared a beet, apple, celery soup that I stole from zenpawn ( It was really fresh. I prepared mine in a food processor though, so it was a little chunkier that I think it would have been using a blender. I also added some orange juice to make it a little sweeter!
Next I had a little bowl of spinach, chicpeas, cucumber, lemon juice, and cottage cheese, along with a small whole wheat pita. It sounds strange but these things go very well together. Overall I feel very good and have kept all of my food very light today. It is amazing how much food you can eat when you keep it raw by the way. The only not raw food I had today was the pita bread and a few tbsps of cheese. Feelin’ good!

It sounds silly, but I really have no concept of eating when I’m hungry. I am determined to learn, though! Off to go write a final paper… Patriarchial Filmmaking in The Godfather…oh my oh my


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