Getting hot like Jane Fonda in Paris!

29 Jan

So I am picking up my blog once again!

What sparked my renewed blogging dedication you might ask? Well I just moved to Paris only 6 days ago. There is nothing that can motivate a girl to diet and get going looking good like moving to the land of gorgeous, slim, chic woman that happens also to be the land of butter.

Jane Fonda in Paris

I just cooked my boyfriend a lovely dinner, black rice risotto with grilled salmon. I have to say that even I was impressed. The secret? BUTTER, bien sur!

I have been here only 6 days and I already took the initiative to join a gym. Wish me luck!

I plan to start writing here of course, but am also writing at – a site dedicated to self-improvement, get smart/get pretty/get chic/get cooking How-Tos, and other interesting and helpful (hopefully!) articles for how to become the perfect woman.

Who is that perfect woman you ask? Witty, beautiful, talented, captivating and fashionable?

It’s Jane Fonda, of course!

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