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Back in the Saddle: I think I’m addicted to lemonade

28 Apr

So after horribly breaking my cleanse last night, I drank my herbal laxative tea and proceeded to sleep HORRIBLY. I guess it was the food, especially the drastic change in food, but though I slept a full 10 hours, I still feel tired. I feel tired, gross and have a headache. It’s making me want to hop back on the horse and start cleansing again.

I just did my salt water flush and I am going to prepare some lemonade for the day. One of the best things about the cleanse is that you are able to keep your energy levels up so well. Imagine if you could take a single bite of you lunch every 10, 15 minutes. You’re sugar levels would be as stable as mine on the cleanse. That’s one of the most alluring parts, as well as never feeling hungry and never being Stuffed.

I think I might try to incorporate the lemonade into my diet for a little while. Perhaps lemonade in the morning and a light dinner of fruit and veggies. I’m not sure. I will just listen to what my body wants for a little while and see, it’s just that all my body wants right now is LEMONADE!

And, of course, a little Fonda on the side…


Actually, Day #1 Starts Tomorrow

23 Apr

Okay don’t judge. I am not giving up AT aLL on my cleanse. I did it for the first half of this beautiful sunday and was feeling great when my friend “made me an offer I couldn’t refuse”- to have her make me and another friend dinner and all watch The Godfather. I had a very healthy dinner and got tons of advice from her (she has done the master cleanse many times). So the cleanse starts tomorrow. I figure it will be better to start with the laxative tea tonight, salt flush in the morning and all lemonade, all day!

Here’s a Jane Fonda-tastic photo for ya. Wish me luck!


Mickey Avalon says “Do the Jane Fonda”

27 Mar

Shake it out.
Shake it lil’ mama.
Mickey Avalon says Do The Jane Fonda

Jane Fonda-The Workout

24 Mar

Do you just have to be super skinny to be thin and have a curves?

Fondastic Proportions

22 Mar

Jane Fonda’s estimated measurements in 1968

Weight: 118lbs: 1968
Height: 5’7″
33B-24-35 (during “Barbarella)
32B-24-31.5 (in 1980)

I like Barbarella proportions better, so lets look at those…
BMI: 18.5
Waist-Hip Ration: .685

Here’s a link to some other celebrity proportions..

Breakfast Crepes with a lil Fonda on the side…

21 Mar

Ah, I got to wake up late today – no where to be untnil 12:30. My roommate had a lady friend over last night and made crepes for breakfast (nutella, banana, and jalapeno jam). We all scored with that one- yum yum. Anyways, I only had one which entered into my CRONoMeter is only 300 calories (62% protein, 6% Protein, and 32% lipid). I never eat enough fat- so the rest of my food for the day will even things out…Besides the saturated fat and cholesterol really not so bad.
Very good example of how you can enjoy delicious foods just watch the portion size. This is the kind of eating I would like to continue with. Healthy foods in general, but still allowing myself to ENJOY meals, try new foods, indulge a bit. I am such a yo-you dieter, so this kind of “stable” eating, will definitely help me make permanent lifestyle changes.

Jane Fonda Picture of the Week

Barbarella Nesting

18 Mar

Barbarella in Nest

Barbarella Lands

18 Mar

So, I’ve been checking out blogs here and there for a while now and decided that it could be interesting to start one of my own. I’m kinda in love with Jane Fonda and so in my attempt to loose a bit of weight and keep my curves, I declare.. DO THE JANE FONDA