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Advice from Supermodels Gisele and Heidi on how to get the perfect body

2 Feb

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Blasted all over the internet the following meme has been popping up everywhere. – “When Did This Become Hotter Than This”. The 2×4 compares our modern super skinny celebrities with gorgeous beauty icons from past few decades.

So, what’s hotter?

Women don’t need to be stick thin for men to find them attractive. Very attractive even. Research has shown that a hip-to-waist ratio of 70% is the most attractive female proportion. Men want curves and not “stick-straight”, starved bodies. We cannot lie, however; and pretend that men appreciate every bit of a woman’s extra pounds. They appreciate extra weight only if it is in the right places. And those places are obviously in the breasts and the “derriere”.

Advice from supermodels Gisele and Heidi.

The perfect body takes motivation, perspiration and work. If you read interviews from top supermodels like Gisele Bundchen or Heidi Klum, they admit that their appearances do not come easy. Gisele has a ambitious exercise routine and is a fan of keeping in shape with Tai-kwon-do. She points out how relatives of hers have similar genes to her, but not as fabulous bodies. Why she explains, because they simply don’t work as hard as she does to ensure she looks great. When Heidi Klum was asked for the thousandth time how she lost her baby weight in time for an upcoming Victoria’s Secret fashion show, she admits that she went to bed every night thinking, “Do I want to go to bed hungry or have a fat backside?”.

So how do non-supermodels get the perfect body? 

A great body is lean and healthy. A good diet will get rid of all the fat we don’t want. New research confirms that it is no particular diet plan that will work for everyone. In fact the only thing that works across the board is counting calories – calories in vs. calories out. Counting calories is easy enough with an online calorie counter and will make sure that you are consuming the correct number of calories to lose weight. The most recommended counter out there right now is It is great place to start your weight loss program and to start skinny.

Mold your perfect body

The correct exercise routine will build a strong, lean body and add muscle in all the right places. Start a new exercise routine by talking with a personal trainer. He or she will show you how to tighten up the areas you want to reduce and how to build up the areas you want to enhance. Remember, the same exercise plan will not work for everyone. A bottom heavy woman will want to create lean thighs and a smaller butt. However, a top heavy woman will want to build her backside. Following the correct exercise plan diligently will help you create that perfect 70% hip-to-waist ratio which men will love and woman will hate you for.

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Supermodel Advice on how to get the perfect body

Beautiful is getting Creepy

30 Apr

Check out the new Calvin Klein undewear adds with Natalia Vodianova. It looks like kiddie-porn, for real. What’s going on, is this what people thing is beautiful nowadays? She is a beautiful women, but in this video she looks like she’s fourteen years old!


On the flip side check out this vide from Dove’s campaign for real beauty. It shows the making of an ad from an un-madeup model to photoshopping. It is crazy that all of this effort goes into making the people in ads look PERfect, because that’s what the media has created and society now demands. Dove is definitely doing something right by the way.


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Fondastic Proportions

22 Mar

Jane Fonda’s estimated measurements in 1968

Weight: 118lbs: 1968
Height: 5’7″
33B-24-35 (during “Barbarella)
32B-24-31.5 (in 1980)

I like Barbarella proportions better, so lets look at those…
BMI: 18.5
Waist-Hip Ration: .685

Here’s a link to some other celebrity proportions..

Hip-to-Waist Ratio vs. BMI: Who’s Hotter?

22 Mar

I think it is a normal human instinct to strive towards self-improvement and perfect. And as a curious woman I want to know what “perfection” is. As an ambitious woman I want to know how to be perfect. Bad, I know – but I like think of it as inspiring instead of self-criticizing. I write more about it here on, another blog I write for.

What is the sexiest BMI

What BMI is the hottest?

What is the sexiest female body?
In the race to gage female sex appeal, there are two scientific teams-one determined that the hip-to-waist ratio is the best judge of feminine attractiveness, the other BMI. Anthropometric systems are obviously not even close to 100% accurate, but I still find the findings intriguing.


Hip to Waist Ratio:
It was found that a women is most attractive when her hip to waist ratio is 70% (for you guys out there, the ideal is 90%). Studies continue that “interest is lost” (nice way to put it, huh) when the ratio exceeds 80%. Interesting; this study used photos of Playboy models.

The mode size of a Playboy model is 34-24-36, weight is 110, and height is 5’7″.
Waist-Hip Ratio of .7 and BMI of 17.8.

Beauty icons including Marilyn Monroe, Alessandra Ambrosio, Sophia Loren, Kate Moss, and even Venus de Milo all have ratios around 70%. Notice they have significantly different weights.

The case for BMI

Another study found that male experiment participants’ perceptions of attractiveness matched body-mass ratios much more closely than the waist-hip ratios.

The study concluded that those judged most attractive had a BMI between 19-20. Additionally it was found that attractiveness drops dramatically below 17 BMI and above 25. Chart of findings above and below.

BMIs fashion models, 17.57
Other models (including centerfolds), 18.09
Anorexic women, 14.72
Bulimic women, 23.66
Normal women, 21.86.

My Food Diary

I wrote this article a while ago and I still find the statistics interesting. I have new information and ideas now that you can check out at