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Back to Black (or perhaps back to RAW?)

4 Oct

So my first post in months, hurray. Been so busy, that it didn’t seem like I had any time to post. Priorities= school, job#1, job#2, boyfriend, getting ass to gym… seemed like posting got lost!Anyways, my weight loss goals have gone gone gone. I am around the same-ish weight, but I think possibly even more fat ehh. Posting (as fellow bloggers know) is so great because it increases my consciousness of how much I eat, what I’m eating, how much exercise I’m getting etc. So, I tried out a full week and a half of raw foods a few months ago and it truly truly felt great. I am actually giving a persuasion speech all about raw foods today (wish me luck). For this speech, I did in depth research about the raw foods movement and actual studies contrasting raw foods with cooked etc. What I found is that there really isn’t much pro-raw foods research. There are a few studies who say that raw food diet isn’t necessarily more nutritious. From my own experience, I felt SO amazing eating raw, but I don’t think I am ready to attempt a full raw diet (The transition is supposed to be gradual). I would like to do at least a 50% raw diet, however. I have never digested food as well as when I was eating raw (even for the short period of time). Oh and as far as my measurements go, I don’t even want to think about it. I have really lost my waist. Back to the gym. Eating less. So simple, but damn, it’s hard. Also check out this article from New York Magazine!     

The Scientist and the StairMaster

Why most of us believe that exercise makes us thinner—and why we’re wrong.exercise071001_1_560.jpg 

Juicing IS great, but Woah Not Cheap!

18 Apr

So, I’ve been experimenting with juicing. The fresh juice is great. I have been mixing it up with carrot, beet, apple juice, V8 types, and all green juice. It tastes great and is easy to use with my handy-dandy Jack LaLanne juicer, but I DID not realize how expensive it would be. I wanted to do a juice fast, but the groceries alone would cost me around $30 a day (making sure I got the necessary calories in). Juicing also comes with the hassle of having to clean the machine after every use, only takes about 5 minutes but often my sink is so filled with my roommates dishes that this alone is a struggle. Also, I am out of the house for long periods, so juicing is not a good option for me being that I can’t carry the damn thing around with me across the city. I still want to do a fast/ cleanse, but unfortunately juicing for a long period of time will not work for me.

I have decided that I will give the master cleanse a shot (though I have many objections). It is easy to do, has many positive recommendations, and will save me lots of money on my food and alcohol bill (no drinking!). I want to incorporate the bikram yoga into the master cleanse, thoroughly detoxing me. I think it will feel great. I do have objections to the master cleanse though. I don’t think that it properly nourishes the body at all, and the idea of all those simple sugars (in the Grade B maple syrup) is scary! The way I have justified this to myself is as follows.. so many people have nutrient deficiencies that they live with for year in combination with a poor diet and lack of exercise etc… therefore, I think that this cleanse being only 10 days will cause no permanent harm to my system. The lack of protein, which also worries me, also will cause no permanent damage over only 10 days. The funny thing is that I don’t necessarily agree with the idea of fasting/cleansing/detoxing etc. I think that a healthy system takes care of these things naturally and that an extreme diet change or fast isn’t necessary to keep the body healthy.. however, I have tried a fast before and the truth is.. it feels great. You sincerely feel light on you feel and alive!
I am conflicted. I bought tons of veggies for this juicing thing and don’t want them to go to waste, however, I really want to get this master cleanse going! I’ve been feeling so sluggish and chunky lately. I’ve put on a bit of weight too. I am up to 136- my all time high (I know not that high, but considering that I eat well and exercise regularly – it is disappointing for me to put on weight, that I know is not from new muscle being formed). I will report with info about my cleanse as I have found other people’s Master Cleanse diaries very interesting and informative.

Just because it’s vegan, doesn’t make it healthy!

4 Apr


I have hit up (and been dreaming about) Red Bamboo, that vegan soul food cafe I described previously, a lot lately. Even though the food is vegan, that doesn’t make it healthy. I mean the fake meat is breaded, and fried a lot of the time, and I’m sure that the sauces are stacked with calories. I was trying to find some information about the nutritional information of a No-Chicken Parm Sandwich, but couldn’t find much of anything. I think that a lot of people get tricked into thinking that just because food is vegetarian or vegan, that it is automatically healthy. Vegan food in particular can be particularly unhealthy, loaded with sugars and fats to try to entice meat-lovers. I don’t think that vegan food needs all of that and in general really enjoy simply foods, with light sauces, grilled not fried. Please share you comments/ideas on the issue!

Skinny and Curvy?

24 Mar

Do anyone have any good workout/nutrition tips for loosing weight, but staying curvy. I’d like a smaller waist (I suppose like everyone), but don’t want to have a “straight” body. Perhaps working out less and maintaining a healthy reduced calorie diet is the best way to go.. any thoughts or advice??

Amazing and Extremely Low-Cal Tofu Noodles..

22 Mar


If you can find it at your grocery store, tofu noodles or yam noodles are delicious replacements for pasta and can act as a base for any dish. Plus Tofu noodles are only 20 calories a serving and yam noodles are only 5!

They taste very plain, but I’ve found it is the perfect food to have around the house (especially when I wanna stuff my face) because it is filling like pasta, but no where near the calories..

Check out the KONNAYAKU section from this link

My own very simplified pasta recipe based of one listed on the website is as follows…

Pasta Marinara
86 calories a serving


Whole bag of Tofu Noodles (2 servings)
1/4 cup of marinara sauce

Prepare like pasta! et voila. I would suggest throwing some frozen veggies in there to make it more nutritious. But using this recipe as a base, thinking of all the really filling 100 calorie dishes you can have.

Tip: Try cooking these noodles plain, and then covering them with a low-cal teriyaki sauce I learned about from a diabetic girl I used to tutor. Just take soy sauce and add Splenda to taste. It makes a yummy version of Terikyaki sauce. Teriyaki Tofu Noodles would make a similarly low-cal meal. 40 calories for the whole bag of noodles! and about 20 calories for the soy sauce!

Breakfast Crepes with a lil Fonda on the side…

21 Mar

Ah, I got to wake up late today – no where to be untnil 12:30. My roommate had a lady friend over last night and made crepes for breakfast (nutella, banana, and jalapeno jam). We all scored with that one- yum yum. Anyways, I only had one which entered into my CRONoMeter is only 300 calories (62% protein, 6% Protein, and 32% lipid). I never eat enough fat- so the rest of my food for the day will even things out…Besides the saturated fat and cholesterol really not so bad.
Very good example of how you can enjoy delicious foods just watch the portion size. This is the kind of eating I would like to continue with. Healthy foods in general, but still allowing myself to ENJOY meals, try new foods, indulge a bit. I am such a yo-you dieter, so this kind of “stable” eating, will definitely help me make permanent lifestyle changes.

Jane Fonda Picture of the Week


21 Mar

I have seen that a lot of people are talking about using I use a program you can download for free call CRONoMeter. It is obviously intended for people who practice calorie restriction and even though I have thought about it (not there at all), I really like to have a balanced diet of 40-30-30 carbs-proteins-fats and this program gives you great analysis of your daily intake with pie charts and such and tracks vitamin, minerals – everything. And the program lets you put in customized foods. It shows up as a cute little icon too!

Free Veggieburger

19 Mar

Follow this link and print out a coupon for a free VeggieBurger at JohnnyRockets. It does look pretty damn good. I don’t know the last time I had a burger with all the topping, I just usually eat the boca burgers plain. Well YUMM


18 Mar

I have been very interested in CR (Calorie Restriction) and that whole diet plan. For someone like me – who is interested in being healthy while also slim with curves – i find it very interesting. I downloaded CRONoMeter onto my computer about 2 months ago and have used it to track what I eat and see if I am getting all the nutrients, water, ratios of carbs, fats, and proteins, that I need. It is really interesting to look back at the data- but I feel like paying such crazy attention to diet and meal planning is just bound to make you crazy. For me, all the extra attention has caused me to gain about 5 pounds. It could just be my horrible winter slump, but I think that this has played a part. One of the most interesting things the CRONoMeter has made me realize is that I just do not eat enough healthy fats. I am really against low-fat diets, I like fat because it keeps my skin smooth and I feel like it will help me keep my ta-tas and ass when I loose weight.

dormant dimanche

18 Mar

sitting in bed. i will try not to eat too too much today – i have a ton of pasta after st. patty’s day. I try to eat very well, I’m a vegetarian, very health-conscious, but it seems that I am suffering from OVER-thinking food (which I’m sure lots of us do). I work out regularly (vary it up) and am very aware of healthy dieting vs. what I would just call cheating. Anyways I seem to be yo-yoing every week. One week I have a very healthy, fitful week, the next I am binging and eating junk all day everyday. I just need to absorb myself with other activities so I can get a more regular eating plan established..