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Bikini Pics: Post-Cleanse

29 Apr

I almost realized that I haven’t given you guys after shots! So even though I’ve broken the cleanse and have some water back in my system, these are the before and after shots..

p4220001_2.jpg p4280016_1.jpg


As you can see the only real change is that I lost some water weight, but am enjoying that After-Side shot thank you very much.

I am going back to normal healthy food. I am going to really try for small portions, eating slowly, not eating when I’m not hungry anymore, etc. Going on the cleanse really makes you want to keep your stomach light! It just feels (and looks) better. Also, one of the best things about the cleanse is that not only did my body get a rest from the normal processes of digestion but my mind got a rest from the process of eating! While eating has always been a pleasure for me (I love delicious foods), I am constantly stressed by it, counting calories, calculating nutrition, food costs, etc. etc. When I was on the cleanse, I had no stressed and it felt great. For a little while I was attempting CRON (Calorie Restriction Optimal Nutrition), but the precision and the worry and the counting calories was giving me a disorder. I want to live without counting calories!

Master Cleanse: Day #1

22 Apr

So today I begin my cleanse. I have been juicing a ton to get rid of all the fresh produce I bought. There is lots left, but I am passing it over to my roomates, because I really want to begin the cleanse. I got way to drunk this thursday, and just felt horrible for the rest of the weekend. Juicing my the way is great for hangovers. You need those vitamins!


So these are my cleansing tools. I need to run to the store and pick up some sea salt (for the salt water flushes) and a more intense detox tea besides this yogi tea. (Does anyone have any recommendations?) At first I wasn’t going to buy the Master Cleanse book by Stanley Burroughs, however; I think it’s a good idea now to do this RIGHT. Anyways, it’s only $5.

I am looking forward to jumpstarting a raw food diet with this cleanse. I don’t want to go 100% raw at at, but more around 80-90%. As far as I have experimented with raw foods, it is so good for you and just a great lite way to eat, especially for the summer!

After this weekend, I just feel bloated and chunky. This is a current pic. I just bought a digital camera (my first!) so I will try not to bombard you guys with pictures.

Me, April 21, at the end of the night at the peak of bloaty grossness! Sorry it’s in underwear, I’ll try to be classy and put on a bathing suit next time!


Jane Fonda-The Workout

24 Mar

Do you just have to be super skinny to be thin and have a curves?

Mmm Mmm Good

21 Mar