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Back to Black (or perhaps back to RAW?)

4 Oct

So my first post in months, hurray. Been so busy, that it didn’t seem like I had any time to post. Priorities= school, job#1, job#2, boyfriend, getting ass to gym… seemed like posting got lost!Anyways, my weight loss goals have gone gone gone. I am around the same-ish weight, but I think possibly even more fat ehh. Posting (as fellow bloggers know) is so great because it increases my consciousness of how much I eat, what I’m eating, how much exercise I’m getting etc. So, I tried out a full week and a half of raw foods a few months ago and it truly truly felt great. I am actually giving a persuasion speech all about raw foods today (wish me luck). For this speech, I did in depth research about the raw foods movement and actual studies contrasting raw foods with cooked etc. What I found is that there really isn’t much pro-raw foods research. There are a few studies who say that raw food diet isn’t necessarily more nutritious. From my own experience, I felt SO amazing eating raw, but I don’t think I am ready to attempt a full raw diet (The transition is supposed to be gradual). I would like to do at least a 50% raw diet, however. I have never digested food as well as when I was eating raw (even for the short period of time). Oh and as far as my measurements go, I don’t even want to think about it. I have really lost my waist. Back to the gym. Eating less. So simple, but damn, it’s hard. Also check out this article from New York Magazine!     

The Scientist and the StairMaster

Why most of us believe that exercise makes us thinner—and why we’re wrong.exercise071001_1_560.jpg 

Keeping it Fresh

2 May

So today was very satisfying food-wise. I brought a salad prepared at home to work, very simple with lemon/balsamic vinegar dressing (very low in calories) and some great pecorino cheese. It tasted so great, and really is so low in calories. I find I really like to buy sharp or strong tasting cheese, so I need to use less to get the great taste. I just prepared a beet, apple, celery soup that I stole from zenpawn ( It was really fresh. I prepared mine in a food processor though, so it was a little chunkier that I think it would have been using a blender. I also added some orange juice to make it a little sweeter!
Next I had a little bowl of spinach, chicpeas, cucumber, lemon juice, and cottage cheese, along with a small whole wheat pita. It sounds strange but these things go very well together. Overall I feel very good and have kept all of my food very light today. It is amazing how much food you can eat when you keep it raw by the way. The only not raw food I had today was the pita bread and a few tbsps of cheese. Feelin’ good!

It sounds silly, but I really have no concept of eating when I’m hungry. I am determined to learn, though! Off to go write a final paper… Patriarchial Filmmaking in The Godfather…oh my oh my

The power of JUICING

15 Apr

I apologize for my absence over the past few weeks, I had my traveling part-time boyfriend living with me for three weeks. That was certainly an adventure, especially since I’ve never lived with anyone I was seeing before. Anyway, he is traveling westward and I decided I need to do a bit of a cleanse, to get all the missin’ out of my system.

I just bought a Jack LaLanne juicer after checking out a lot of recommendations online and figuring out pricing etc. I will tell you how it works once I get the ball rolling and put up recipes. Depending on how I do, I want this to either be an all juice fast (mostly vegetable) or an all fruit and veggie diet. I feel like I might crave solid food, and I don’t think a salad would be bad. I don’t want this to be a strict cleanse, but more of a period of very healthy eating.


Additionally, I am going to take bikram yoga at this great new studio I’ve found just five blocks away from my apartment-BikramLES.

I think this will be a great way to get my mind of my departed boy, focus my find, and cleanse my body. Here’s to the beginning.